Assam Congress Collecting 50 Lakh Traditional Scarf With Anti-CAA Message


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Assam Congress said it will collect 50 lakh gamosas (traditional cloth) from the state

Guwahati: With the election in Assam two months away, the Congress’s anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA “gamosa collection drive” started today. College students, entrepreneurs, senior citizens and private sector employees, among others, have given support to the party and handed over gamosas – a tradition cloth in Assam – signed by them to Congress leaders and workers.

The Assam Congress said it will collect 50 lakh gamosas from the state to be displayed at a memorial for anti-CAA protests that the party said would be built if it comes to power.

The mother of 17-year-old Sam Stafford who died in police firing during the anti-CAA protest in Assam gave a gamosa to Congress leader Rakibul Hussain.

“My son Sam was neither a terrorist nor a hooligan. Who gave them the right to kill my innocent son? I need justice for my son,” said the mother, Mamoni Stafford.

The Congress’s move to collect 50 lakh gamosas from the state has put the BJP in a cautious move. The BJP appears to be not comfortable with its current stand on the CAA in Assam with election near.

Social activist and poet Prayag Saikia wrote his comments on the CAA on a gamosa and signed it before handing the cloth to the Congress in Guwahati. Mr Saikia called the CAA “anti-Assam” and disrespectful to the Assam Accord. He said that the CAA pushed by the BJP government is against the interests of people in Assam.

Educationist Khargeswar Bhuyan also handed over his gamosa with anti-CAA message and signature to the Congress. Mr Bhuyan has been critic of the CAA and has dubbed the law “anti-people” and “anti-Assam”.

Social activist Shivananda Kakati too signed a gamosa and gave it to the Congress.

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