Asaram Brought Back to Jodhpur Jail After Two Days In Hospital

According to Hospital Superintendent MK Aseri, Asaram had infection in his bladder. (File)

Jodhpur: Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu was brought back to the Jodhpur Central jail on Thursday, two days after he was admitted to a hospital following the complaint of chest pain.

He was admitted to the MDM Hospital in Jodhpur on Tuesday midnight and was discharged after a detailed examination.

Cardiologist Sanjeev Sanghvi said he was kept under observation at the CCU. “After a detailed check-up, we advised him angiography but he refused and preferred to get it done some other time. So, we prescribed him some medicines,” said Mr Sanghvi.

According to Hospital Superintendent MK Aseri, he had infection in his bladder, after which Asaram was referred to an urologist who prescribed him antibiotics.

After keeping him in observation for two days, he was discharged from the hospital in the afternoon, Mr Aseri said.

His devotees who had converged on the hospital in large numbers on Thursday gave a tough time to police, who had to sweat it out to disperse them. Many of them tried to sneak into the hospital impersonating as patients.

On spotting his vehicle, the devotees tried to get close to it in anticipation of getting a glimpse of Asaram. They ran after the vehicle with their cellphone cameras on to record it. Many of them even followed him in their vehicles to the jail right from the hospital.

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